Recording for A Tribute to Jack Dempsey started on June 29th 2014 with Christopher S. Feltner and Gleb Kanasevich at Mystery Ton Studios in Monrovia, Maryland.

The idea behind this project came about while on tour earlier in the spring of 2014 with Christopher S. Feltner and Stephen Palke. I had then recently rediscovered Miles Davis' "A Tribute to Jack Johnson" and was completely obsessed by the recording. I knew I wanted to pay homage to the recording in my own way while paying homage to, in my very humble opinion, one of the greatest heavy weight boxers of all time, Jack Dempsey.

Another catalyst to the recording was the then recently released "Ballet Feet Positions" by The Rita. I feel in love with the simplicity of the concept. I wanted something a little more visceral though. A Tribute to Jack Dempsey is what happened when the two ideas, a healthy love for Peter Brötzmann and Michael Finnissy came together.

I threw the idea towards Christopher and explained how I wanted to record the sounds of mic'ed pads with free jazz stylings in the background. Luckily for me, Christopher was on board for the project. Maybe he just liked the idea of throwing some punches at me. We'll never really know.

Guillermo Pizarro


released 19 October 2014

GUILLERMO PIZARRO - Guitar, bass, percussion, electronics, heavy bag and direction

CHRISTOPHER S. FELTNER - Guitar, percussion, gloves and production

GLEB KANASEVICH - Bass clarinet and percussion

KENNY EATON - Producer + Engineer

JS ADAMS - Art + Design



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Guillermo Pizarro Green Lane, Pennsylvania

Guillermo Pizarro (1987) is a noise artist from Green Lane, PA by way of Falling Waters, WV. He started experimenting in 2010 with prepared guitar/drone compositions, and has since then moved to experimenting with amplified objects to create his noise. His interest in portraying the influence he gets from his small town surroundings are a main driving force to his compositions. ... more

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